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Alpro UF Membrane Plant
Clean Water

Clean Water Treatment

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We carry out water asset management for our clients' clean water plants and equipment relating to filtration, softening and reverse osmosis treatment of the feed water to their site.


We provide all aspects of servicing, membrane supply, replacement and monitoring.


We also offer cleaning in place (CIP) of this type of equipment or if you require in-depth cleaning or analysis we can offer this service offsite.

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Effluent Water
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We work alongside our clients maintenance teams and plant operators to ensure their chemical pre-treatment, Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) plant and biological systems are optimised and operate consistently well and within consent.


Where a plant has membranes separation for sludge we can offer operational assistance and maintenance relating to the membrane plant including in situ or off site membrane cleaning.


We also assist our clients with their effluent recycle RO systems.

Effluent Water Treatment

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We are able to carry out servicing, calibration and maintenance of various online analysis equipment relating to clean water and effluent treatment plant process monitoring.


We maintain and service all types and makes of monitoring equipment for our clients to ensure the efficient and accurate operation of our clients' plants.


We have long-term links with Datalink Instruments in France and service all Datalink instruments in the UK. We aim to be a one-stop provider for equipment service, maintenance and calibration.


IChemical Supplies

We provide bulk and bagged salt for regeneration of softeners as well as anti scale and cleaning chemicals for reverse osmosis and membrane plants.


We provide bulk and semi-bulk chemical supplies to our client at competitive rates and use various suppliers to ensure we are competitive, reliable and always able to supply on time.


We offer a one stop facility for all of your chemicals and will secure the best prices. Our one stop supplier facility reduces our clients need to contact all suppliers individually, just place an order for all of your chemicals with Process solutions and we do the rest.

Chemical Supplies


A selection of the chemicals we supply:

List of Chemicals
Acids and Alkali Chemicals (bulk and semi-bulk)
  • Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda)

  • Sodium carbonate

  • Sulphuric acid

  • Nitric acid

  • Citric acid 

  • Peracetic acid 

Organic and Inorganic Coagulants
(bulk and semi-bulk)
  • Plant based polytannates 

  • Polyaluminium chloride

  • Ferric chloride

  • Ferric sulphate

Salt (for softener regeneration)
  • Bulk PVD

  • Bagged granular or tablet 

  • Anionic Oil and Water based emulsions

  • Cationic Oil and water based emulsions

  • Polymer blocks

  • Anionic powder

  • Cationic powders

Membrane and Reverse Osmosis Products 
  • Antiscalants

  • Membrane cleaning products

  • Biocides

Miscellaneous Chemicals
  • HCL and sodium chlorite for ClO2 generation

  • Antifoam

  • Boiler treatment chemicals

  • Sodium Hypochlorite

  • Demin water

This is not the full extent of the products we supply, if you have a specific chemical requirement please get in touch. If you want a particular chemical brand we can also supply these, as we have accounts with many major suppliers.


If you want to save time and money why not order all of your chemical supplies from one company - Process Solutions. We offer competitive rates and use various suppliers to ensure we are competitive, reliable, and always able to supply on time. 

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